The thermostats of decades ago have become quite outdated; today’s models are super easy to operate, and in some cases make it possible for you to program the temperature you want for various times of the day or night while your family is away at work or school, sleeping at night, and more. While it serves a simple purpose, it is one of the most vital components of your heating and cooling system. Without a thermostat, it would be impossible to control the temperature in your home. The Kansas City HVAC professionals at Bob Hamilton have solutions for all of your thermostat needs, whether you need a repair or are considering the installation of a newer, higher functioning model.

HVAC System Not Working? It Could be Your Thermostat

In some cases, a thermostat that malfunctions can disable your HVAC system. Imagine a humid 90 degree day during the summer, and not being able to enjoy cool air in your home – or a 30 degree day in winter with a furnace that won’t work. Our thermostats are designed using the latest technology, so you can depend on it to function properly and keep your home nice and comfortable. If the thermostat is the reason your heating and cooling system isn’t working, we can take care of the problem!

Today’s Thermostats Can Reduce Costs for Kansas City Homeowners
If you have a thermostat that’s a decade or two old, it’s probably one that requires manual operation. For instance, you have to switch the function to “heat,” “cool,” or “fan.” Additionally, many of these older thermostats display only numbers ending in zero and five, so you have to guess at the point to set it if you desire a temperature of 68 degrees. These older models essentially increase energy costs, because you must physically set them.

When you are away from home, it’s impossible to turn the air conditioner up or the heat down. When out of town or on vacation, you have no control over a manual thermostat. This is why programmable thermostats are so popular today. They can be programmed around your schedule, so your HVAC system isn’t running too frequently to cool or heat a home when no one is there. Many of today’s thermostats can even be controlled when you are away from home using a smart phone or other device.

Digital, programmable, mechanical, and smart thermostats; with all of the options, how can you choose which is best for your needs? At Bob Hamilton, we can answer all of your questions and help you determine which type is most suitable for your situation. If you are a Kansas City homeowner in need of thermostat repair or replacement, count on our highly trained technicians for exceptional products, service, and installation.