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Naughty or Nice – We know if your furnace has been good or bad

It’s that time of year again where we hope that our bad furnaces will be good and our good furnaces will stay that way. As the old saying goes, “life happens” and we cannot control what our systems do all the time. If you’re wondering which list your furnace is on, here are some things you should be looking for during this holiday season.


Nobody wants a furnace to be rotten to the core, but you will know it if you start noticing your furnace running constantly. This could be because a filter needs to be changed, you might have too many vents closed off, or it could be that your furnace has just gotten too old and cannot keep up with demand.

Your system should also be heating your home evenly. If you are experiencing hot and cold spots in the house, you may want to call someone to see if your system is too small or even too big for your home. A system that is too big will short-cycle (turning on and off frequently) this will decrease the lifespan of your system and you will still get uneven temperature distribution.

Any of these issues will also affect your electric bill, causing higher than normal bills. So if you are seeing any of these issues, it’s time to give that old system the boot!


Now a nice furnace will be a complete polar opposite of your naughty one. A nice furnace is usually energy efficient too, meaning it is doing the same job as your old one without using too much electricity or gas! This means your system is saving you those precious dollars so you can spend it on things you would rather spend it on, like your family, friends, or putting up so many lights you can see your house from space.

So if you are thinking about getting your furnace on the nice list this year, give the local professionals at Bob Hamilton a call and see what they can do to tame that naughty system!

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