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Inside Look to a Sewer Call – What You Can Expect

So your sewer backs up and there is sewage and water all over your basement. You, of course, are going to call someone to come help remedy this situation. A clogged sewer line is different than your average clog though. If your sewer line is backing up, you will most likely have issues with more than just one area of the home. There will usually be sewage coming up in the lowest part of your home too, since nothing will be able to leave your home.

Opening The Line








After you call us, the first thing one of our drain techs will do is assess the situation and see where they need to go to open up your sewer line. They will then run their auger through the sewer line to open it up. After they get it open, they will most likely recommend a camera to run down the line to see what caused the back up.

Camera The Line







A camera tech will come out either same day or the next day to take a look. They will run their camera in the same cleanout our drain tech ran his cable to see what he hit. It is encouraged that you watch the video with the camera tech so you can see the condition of your line. Sometimes it’s nothing major that caused the back-up, maybe something got flushed down a toilet then got stuck. Other times there is something wrong with the sewer line and you might see similar to figure 3. There are roots in the line and it is causing damage to the line itself. If this is the case our tech will then recommend some options to fix the damage to your sewer line.







Options for Sewer Repair

There are a few different options in replacing your sewer line. There is the classic trench sewer line replacement, pipe bursting, and pipe lining. Each one could be given to you as an option or it could only be one or two. Each option is best in certain situations, so it really depends on your homes unique situation.

Trench Sewer Repair










This is the most destructive method when it comes to your property. They start by digging up the entire sewer line from your home to the city connection. They could dig as deep as five to ten feet. Once the pipe is uncovered, our techs will then remove all the existing piping and replace it with a durable plastic line that will outlast any clay or cast iron pipe. They will then place new gravel around the pipe to help with settling dirt. Then they will put all the dirt back in the hole. With newer technology though this is become less and less of the “go to” for a lot of sewer replacement companies.

Pipe Bursting








Pipe bursting is a lot easier on your yard than a trench replacement. They will dig a small hole at the city or home connection so they can fit a pipe bursting machine in there. What it does is, it pulls a same sized pipe through the sewer line towards the house or the street depending on your situation. The new pipe will “burst” the old pipe and push the fragments around the new pipe.

Pipe Lining








Pipe lining can only be accomplished if the line is completely open. With this method a hole may or may not need to be dug in the yard to get access. If they can get access in the lowest part of your home they may be able to do it without digging. They will then coat the liner in a special resin that, once cured, will create a pipe within a pipe. The technicians will then run the cloth liner through the current pipe and inflate it so that it will be pushed up against the walls of the old pipe. After the liner cures this will leave a seamless hard plastic throughout the line.

After Choosing an Option









Once you choose an option the job can usually be taken care of in the next few days depending on your availability. After everything is completed, we will usually recommend a landscaper to you to fix your yard if any damage was done to it.

If you have any questions about any of these options feel free to give us a call.

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