Air Purification Systems

Kansas City Air Purification Systems

Quality, effective air purification systems are essential for providing clean, fresh indoor air. Many homeowners in the Kansas City area don’t know that although the air outdoors is polluted, the air inside the home is far more polluted. This is a fact recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency, and there are many causes. People’s homes have become tighter in an effort to make them more energy efficient. Because of this, all of the potentially hazardous pollutants and contaminants are trapped inside our homes, including not only household dust, pet dander, and chemicals in cleaning products, but those found in insecticides, paint and stain products, adhesives, even in carpets and building products.

Clean indoor air is important, particularly for those who suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies. How do homeowners in the KC area accomplish healthier indoor air? We have a few solutions.

Whole House Air Purification Systems

To be truthful, their are countless air purification and cleaning systems available on the market. Some models are portable and designed to clean and purify the air in a single room, while others are whole house systems, installed directly into your HVAC system. It’s easy for homeowners to become confused between the huge selection of air cleaning (typically filters) products, and products designed to significantly reduce contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, dust, dirt particles, pollen, tobacco smoke, and other potentially harmful airborne particles. While it’s important to choose a quality filter and change it regularly, this is not the solution if you desire the cleanest, healthiest air possible in your Kansas City home.

Whole house air purification systems are capable or removing more than 95% of airborne particles, resulting in a healthier environment virtually free of toxins. While there are several solutions that work to improve indoor air quality, we can assist in choosing an air cleaning system that is perfect for your home and unique needs.

UV (Ultraviolet Light) for Exceptional Indoor Air Quality

Ultraviolet light kills germs according to numerous studies, even the deadly H1N1 virus. In fact, indications from various studies show that UV lights are effective for killing more than 99% of germs in households, and are a proven defense against mold, mold spores, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, viruses, and more. This type of air purification system has been used for decades in hospitals and other environments that require air to be as sterile and clean as possible.

Installed in the ductwork system, ultraviolet light not only eradicates germs that may be lurking insider your ventilation system and home, but also removes cigarette smoke, pet odors, and even cooking odors. Combined with good cleaning and housekeeping practices, a UV system will ensure your family enjoys the freshest, cleanest, healthiest air possible. UV lights work using high-output germicidal lamps that according to the EPA are very effective against bacteria, spores, mildew, fungi and viruses, mold, and other contaminants as the lights break down RNA and/or DNA, preventing their growth. Ultimately, UV light minimize and control germs that can pollute and contaminate the air you breathe.

At Bob Hamilton, our Kansas City HVAC professionals rely on the most trusted, reputable air purification systems available today to help homeowners enjoy the ultimate in indoor air quality. Doesn’t your family deserve a healthy indoor environment? Contact us today to learn more.